Month: April 2017

Meeting our needs is important as moms. Yeah, we get that, but what are the signs that our needs are unmet?

If you’re like me, for a while I had no idea when my needs remained unmet. I would then yell at my husband about something inconsequential. It was only when I hit a breaking point that I realized I probably needed a little me time.

We don’t have to let our self-neglect get so bad before we act and give ourselves some TLC (tender loving care). There are signs that, when recognized, can save us the pain and suffering of our unmet needs.

Here are the 5 key signs that our needs are unmet.

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Moms are some of the most judgmental people I know.

Moms are also the most judged people I know.

We are constantly judged by society and by each other.

As moms, we have a culture to do everything for our children and our families. We put them first above all else—even our own needs. Why? Because we are expected too.

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Moms are very busy people. Yet, we rarely make time to take care of our own needs. We are great at taking care of everyone else, but lousy at taking care of ourselves.In this article, I share the four key reasons why moms need to do self-care each day. Read More…