4 Key Reasons Why Moms Need to Do Self-Care

Moms are very busy people. Yet, we rarely make time to take care of our own needs. We are great at taking care of everyone else, but lousy at taking care of ourselves.In this article, I share the four key reasons why moms need to do self-care each day.

Here is a quick list of why it is essential for you to meet your needs each day. All I ask is that you read each with an open mind.

Reasons Why Moms Need to Do Self-Care

Reason #1: You are still a person with needs

We all have needs. Why? Because we are human. In fact, Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, the creator of Nonviolent Communication, argues that we all have universal needs that transcend ethnicity, culture, language, religion, and socio-economic status, to name a few.

Being a mom doesn’t just get rid of our needs. We still have them. Maybe we are very good at suppressing them, but they are there. When our needs remain unmet, we feel negative feelings such as guilt, shame, anger, resentment, and annoyance.

Reason #2: No one else will meet your needs for you

Nonviolent Communication outlines another core value that deeply resonates with me. No one else can meet our needs. Why? Because only we know what we need at any given moment. Another reason? It is solely our responsibility to ensure that our needs are met.

Obviously, the strategies we use to meet our needs can involve others. However, the responsibility to meet our needs ultimately falls on us. Far too often we secretly expect our spouse or our children to do it for us. We must take ownership of meeting our needs.

Reason #3: You feel better when you do self-care

We feel great when our needs are met! We feel like ourselves, and we believe we can handle any challenge that arises. Think back to the last time you had even 15 minutes to yourself. I bet you felt amazing and recharged.

Far too often, we don’t even meet our basic needs. At one point, I delayed going pee because I didn’t want to leave my crying baby. Not good. Or that time I was hungry, but I didn’t eat because there was so much to do. Not good, especially because I’m not nice when I’m hungry.

Reason #4: You invest in your future self and in your family

When we take care of our needs each day, we are performing regular maintenance to ensure that we are functioning optimally. Think of it like the tune-ups we give our car, only our mom tune-ups need to happen each day. We can give more fully to others when we are feeling fulfilled instead of depleted,

  1. We have energy to chase your goals and dreams.
  2. We protect the health of our future selves.
  3. We are fully present with our family because we are fulfilled.
  4. We empower our children and spouses to meet their own needs.
  5. We teach our family boundaries.

You can choose to take care of your needs each day and invest in your health and happiness. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy; it just needs to happen each day. Something small. Something that will bring you joy. By doing so, you win, your family wins and so does the world.

Reflect on how you feel when your needs are met versus unmet. Leave me a comment letting me know.


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