40 Simple Self-Care Tasks for New Moms

This is a list of 40 simple self-care tasks for new moms that can be done in under 15 minutes. Each activity is either free, or extremely low cost and can be done while you are at home with your baby or babies!

Self-care is so important for you as a new mom, but may have difficulty including it in your day. You are in a transition where your baby’s needs are front and center. So, while these tasks are basic, it is essential that they become inserted back into your life.

Try one of these simple self-care tasks for new moms:

  1. Take a shower or bath
  2. Paint your nails
  3. Groom your nails—file, clip your nails, etc.
  4. Pluck your eyebrows
  5. Put on some lipstick and/or makeup
  6. Put on some jewelry
  7. Do your hair—braid it, comb it, add some product, etc. so that you feel beautiful
  8. Apply a face mask
  9. Cleanse your face and apply moisturizer
  10.  Apply yummy body lotion or body butter
  11.  Get fully dressed, including your shoes.
  12.  Listen to some music and dance
  13.  Close your eyes and breathe
  14.  Light a candle and meditate or pray
  15.  Take a nap or just lie down and close your eyes for a few minutes
  16.  Read an article
  17.  Browse an online store
  18.  Call, text, or email a friend
  19.  Look yourself in the mirror and say three things aloud that make you proud
  20.  Drink a glass of lemon water
  21.  Eat lunch or a snack (*remember to choose nutritious options often)
  22.  Make yourself a hot tea, coffee, or hot chocolate and enjoy
  23.  Write a letter to your baby about what she/he is up to these days
  24.  Write 3 things you are grateful for in this moment
  25.  Take a brisk walk around the block (with your baby in the stroller)
  26.  Complete a task that will give you a sense of accomplishment
  27.  Do a few yoga poses
  28.  Do a few squats or jumping jacks to get your heart pumping
  29.  Enjoy working out to an exercise video (there are many on YouTube)
  30.  Take your vitamins
  31.  Get dressed out of your pajamas and put on something you love
  32.  Listen to 15 min of a podcast
  33.  Watch a funny video on YouTube
  34.  Browse the online library catalogue and put a book on hold
  35.  Colour in an adult colouring book
  36.  Do some art
  37.  Draw funny faces on a sheet of paper
  38.  Create a bookmark
  39.  Make a list of three personal items you need. For example, maybe you need a new bra or a shirt that fits your new shape.
  40.  Go to the washroom –aka poop and pee– alone and in peace (not as easy as it sounds for the new mom!)

This is in no way an exhaustive list of self-care activities. I want to give you some ideas so that you start to incorporate more self-care into your day. Get creative and find what works for you.

Becoming a mom is a huge life change. It takes time to balance your own needs with baby’s. For a while, the balance will point heavily toward your baby. Overtime, you will find a way to have more balance.

It is essential that you take deliberate steps to care for your needs each day. I started with doing just ONE thing for myself each day. I added more overtime as I was able.

Practicing this one-thing-a-day-for-me self-care strategy improved my mood and self-esteem. I just felt better, like I had accomplished something. It also brought me a little closer to the woman I used to be before I became a mom. It was comforting to get back to some routines from my pre-baby life; I was feeling a bit foreign and lost in my own skin. Hard to explain, but, as a new mom, I think you know what I mean.

Give these simple self-care tasks a try. What simple self-care tasks for new moms am I missing that can be done in less than 15 minutes?

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