5 Key Signs That Your Needs Are Unmet

Meeting our needs is important as moms. Yeah, we get that, but what are the signs that our needs are unmet?

If you’re like me, for a while I had no idea when my needs remained unmet. I would then yell at my husband about something inconsequential. It was only when I hit a breaking point that I realized I probably needed a little me time.

We don’t have to let our self-neglect get so bad before we act and give ourselves some TLC (tender loving care). There are signs that, when recognized, can save us the pain and suffering of our unmet needs.

Here are the 5 key signs that our needs are unmet.

Sign #1: Feeling annoyed

Ah, this one is a classic. You know you are exhibiting signs of annoyance when everything is getting on your nerves. You are starting to have enough. The tugs on your pant leg from your little bean are no longer cute, but well…annoying. Can’t everyone just leave you ALONE already?

Yup, if this is you, mom break pronto!

Sign #2: Being overly critical

This sign occurs when you nitpick. It can also manifest as being overly judgmental of others or yourself.

You may have thoughts such as, “I can’t believe she actually went out for dinner with her husband and left her baby with a babysitter. That is so irresponsible.” Or how about this one: “Why did I watch that show last night, now I am so behind? Look at this place, it’s filthy.”

If you find yourself thinking (or saying!) anything similar, please take a mom break as soon as you can. Your self-care tank is running on empty.

Sign #3: Feeling smothered

You feel trapped. You feel like the walls are closing in, and you just want to run. You start to plan how you can escape without the kids noticing. (PS: They always notice!)

If this is you, ask a babysitter, relative or spouse to watch the kiddos. Then, head on out of the house by yourself for a walk or a drive. Do whatever really, just go by yourself!

Sign #4: Feeling exasperated

You feel like you are banging your head against a wall, repeatedly (metaphorically of course). You know, the feeling when you’ve tried to get the baby to nap for the third time and it is not working. That is what I mean by feeling exasperated.

When you try, and try, and try, and nothing changes. The feeling of frustration arises from  working so hard, but having nothing to show for it.

If this is you mama, take a self-care break as soon as possible.

Sign #5: Feeling angry

You feel resentful that you must work so hard and serve everyone each day. You say sarcastic comments about how you do so much and others don’t do nearly enough. You want others to know how they are “making” you neglect your own needs.

If this is you, go and meet your needs right away because it is your responsibility to ensure that they are met. If they aren’t met, that is on you! You can read more about why you must take care of your needs here.

A Final Thought

Being a mom is hard. Caring for others all the time is hard. It takes energy and drains our mental and emotional resources. We must replenish these resources each day so that we can be effective and happy.

Once we notice the signs that our needs are unmet, we must take a mom break and do some self-care. It doesn’t need to take long, but it needs to happen as soon possible. It is time well-invested because we will feel so much better.

What sign(s) do you notice the most when your needs are unmet? Let me know in the comments.

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