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This is a list of 40 simple self-care tasks for new moms that can be done in under 15 minutes. Each activity is either free, or extremely low cost and can be done while you are at home with your baby or babies!

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Every new mom needs a self-care strategy.

As a new mom, you are busy taking care of the needs of your baby. You are trying to be the best mom you can while learning as you go. You are doing intense on-the-job training!

Being a mom is a very demanding role. You are also probably wondering why in the world no one -I repeat no one– told you just how hard motherhood was going to be.

Amidst all the care your new baby requires, how on earth are you supposed to take any time for yourself? If you live far from family and your spouse works, it may seem even more impossible to tend to your needs.

Dearest New Mama, I have been where you are. Gosh it is so darn hard. The lack of sleep is what gets you. But, I also want you to know that it will get easier. You will start to find a balance between your needs and your baby’s needs. It is slow, but it can be done. You need to be intentional about incorporating self-care into your day. We will talk about how in this article.

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Meeting our needs is important as moms. Yeah, we get that, but what are the signs that our needs are unmet?

If you’re like me, for a while I had no idea when my needs remained unmet. I would then yell at my husband about something inconsequential. It was only when I hit a breaking point that I realized I probably needed a little me time.

We don’t have to let our self-neglect get so bad before we act and give ourselves some TLC (tender loving care). There are signs that, when recognized, can save us the pain and suffering of our unmet needs.

Here are the 5 key signs that our needs are unmet.

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Moms are some of the most judgmental people I know.

Moms are also the most judged people I know.

We are constantly judged by society and by each other.

As moms, we have a culture to do everything for our children and our families. We put them first above all else—even our own needs. Why? Because we are expected too.

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Moms are very busy people. Yet, we rarely make time to take care of our own needs. We are great at taking care of everyone else, but lousy at taking care of ourselves.In this article, I share the four key reasons why moms need to do self-care each day. Read More…

Attention all you stressed out moms! I would like to introduce you to a strategy that will bring you less stress, more joy, and help you perform at your best. Are you ready for this? Okay, keep reading.

Mindfulness. Have you ever heard of this concept?

According to the Webster’s Dictionary, mindfulness is the “state of being mindful.” Synonyms for the word mindful are aware and attentive. Mindfulness, then, is being in a state of awareness about our thoughts, emotions and experiences.

According to the folks at MindWell-U, the Canadian company that delivers evidence-based mindfulness training, “it boils down to a training in attention.” Dr. Soloway explains that instead of focusing on the past or worrying about the future, we focus on responding appropriately to what is happening now, in the present moment.

MindWell-U states that the benefits of mindfulness include experiencing less stress, more focus, more joy, and peak performance. Who wouldn’t want more of that?

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Have you ever been in a rut? You know, where all you do is hang around your house and get very little done. I have and, let me tell you, it can be quite demotivating. It is a vicious cycle where lack of motivation leads to more lack of motivation which leads to sub par productivity. Sigh.

The mom rut can take one of several forms. For some it means lying on the couch watching television. For others, it means getting lost down the never ending rabbit whole that is social media. For others it means reacting to the day in your pajamas. I personally like to watch real crime shows on YouTube while staying in my pajamas all day, everyday. Not very glamorous, I know, but we all have those days.

Unfortunately, the mom rut is immune to good intentions. You need something else to get you going on the right track. So what can you do when you are having an off day and nothing is getting accomplished?

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Last week I felt defeated. Nothing was going well. I needed to get things done, but couldn’t get to them. My baby was refusing to sleep. It turns out she was in a growth spurt because she outgrew all of her clothes by week’s end. She was cranky and cried a lot.  If I put her down, she cried. If I picked her up, she cried. When I tried to feed her, she did not want to eat. After I changed her diaper, she was still fussy. I checked her temperature to make sure she was not sick. I held her all day. I didn’t know what else to do. She needed sleep, yet would not. No matter what I tried. What was I doing wrong? Why were my usual strategies not working? I was exasperated. I was tired. I also accomplished very little that week and felt incredibly frustrated.

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