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I decided to start this blog when I had my daughter in the summer of 2016. I believed I was well prepared for this amazing journey that is motherhood. I expected lots of cuddles, and warm, fuzzy feelings. Yes, I knew there would be some challenges, but I was optimistic.

When I actually did enter motherhood, I was shocked at how different the reality is from the sunshine and rainbows ideal that is portrayed. My main conclusion: Motherhood is darn hard.

Why don’t people talk about this part of motherhood?

While others were posting happy pictures of themselves with their babies looking like movie stars, I was happy if I could pee alone and have a shower. If I could eat with both hands, I was winning. I began to think there was something wrong with me. “Maybe I am missing something and doing this all wrong”, I thought.

I also didn’t feel like myself. In the middle of all the daily caregiving tasks like feeding and diapering, I began to wonder if this was what I would be doing the rest of my mom life– caring for someone else’s needs.

What about my needs? What about all the goals and dreams I still have that I want to pursue? Can I still get to those? And, if so, how? How will I ever find the time or the energy to make time for myself and my interests?

There has to be a way that I can be a mom and still be me. You know, the real me—the one who loves her career, as well as cooking. The one who loves wearing cute clothes and looking nice. The one who has her own hobbies. That woman. I need to nurture her too.

So with that question in mind, I decided to figure out how to succeed as a mom and still stay true to myself as a person.

As I made changes in my life, I decided to share my struggles and lessons learned with other moms. My wish is for all of us to live truly fulfilling and authentic lives, as moms and women.

Care to join me on this journey?

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